Google Drive, part II

I’ve already written about Google Drive and its numerous utilities. However, lets focus more on how I would use it in my ESL classroom. Google Drive is a very creative tool, lets see what students can come up with !


I love the ideas from M. Miller to write poems and stories in collaboration with other students. The start point can be a blank page, where each student has to add a sentence or paragraph. One student could also create a story with missing names of places or adjectives and another student would have to fill in the blanks. Another great idea I found among these 37 interesting ways to use Google Docs in the classroom is the “I am unique because…” activity. Taking turns, students will complete this sentence on the same Document. This way, you can learn a lot more about your students.

Want to have your students aware of the mistakes they often make? Write a text including those mistakes and have the students correct them on a shared document. Moreover, when asking students to write about a subject, you can ask them to share their text with a peer to get it corrected before they hand it in to you.

Because it can get messy if everyone share ideas on the same document, a table will facilitate the communication and keep everything clear.


The form can be used to get feedback on a lesson, by enumerating each important point and asking to rate the understanding from 1 to 5. Forms can also be used to communicate with parents instead of giving sheets to the students to bring home.

Moreover, after an educational visit, forms are a great tool to get students’ impression on the activity and then decide if it should take place the next year.

Many other ideas are put forward on this blog: 80 ways to use Google Forms in your classroom!

At the beginning of the year, I suggest to have the students create a form by asking each of them a question linked with their interests. Using the results, you can create groups sharing the same interests to work together throughout the whole year.


Spreadsheets are a great tool to collect data from the sudents which can be analysed, averaged, charted and explored by the students afterward. Creating quizzes and tests online is one of the tips suggested by Mohamed Kharbach in a post about the use of Google Docs in education.

Create an “assignment tracker” using a spreadsheet to keep track of students results and homework. This way, parents and students can have an overlook of their work.


All the lessons should be presented using Google presentation, so you can share a copy of it with your students. If you share it before the class, they can follow your presentation and give comments in the chat window simultaneously!


These are just few ideas, but I’m sure there is a lot more that can be done with Google Drive.

Feel free to share you ideas with me 🙂



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