Make me travel!

In my practicum, students have done many geography projects. The first one was about Canada, in which they had to present a province in teams. Now they are working on a country with a teammate. They found a lot of information and now they are presenting it in the form of a pamphlet. One thing that is missing according to me is visual support, other then their posters. Because when talking about places to visit and things to do in the country, it is has to visualize. If the students were using a mapping tool, it would make the presentation much more real and interesting.

The mapping tool I am using is Scribble Maps, in which you can scribble and write on Google Maps. It is simple to use and you can come up with really good results. Here is a tutorial to learn about the basics.

This blogger gives ideas on how to use scribble maps in the classroom in many ways!

Furthermore, as my classmate Marianne Fortin blogged about, Google Earth allows stories to get realer! While reading a story, students can identify on a map the places visited by the characters. This way you get a better mental image of the story. What is fun with Scribble Maps is that you can see the map you’ve created on Google Earth. So, instead of looking at each places individually as the story goes by, students can keep notes of the different places and, at the end, create a Scribble Map that they will eventually look on Google Earth.

As we’ve seen, Scribble Maps is a great tool to get the students to improve their geography skills. Another way to do so is by taking quizzes. There are a tons of quizzes you can find on the internet. Moreover, there is more than just geography quizzes, it can be on any topic of your choice, whatever the subject you are talking about in class. One of the best website I found is Sporcle. Do you know your countries ? Here’s a way to find out, try it!


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