Reasons why you should use iPads in your classroom!

When I was in elementary school, I’m not even sure tablets had been invented and you wouldn’t hear of technology in the classroom, or at least not from what I remember. Things have got a little different: technology is now everywhere!  As a future teacher, I can’t escape it. Even if it is way more demanding in the term of classroom management, iPads (or technology in general) should be integrated in the classroom as much as possible. Before having a look at my arguments, have a look here if you are not sure what an iPad is exactly, thanks to Wikipedia! Now that everyone has at least a basic definition of iPads, here are the reasons why I think we should integrate Ipad in the classroom:

1. Using technology comes naturally to children. Take advantage of this. It is even easier for them to take notes on the tablet than on paper. And probably faster. Moreover, on the iPad they can add tables, links and images.

2. They have to hand in a homework? I have a copy, you have a copy, EVERYBODY has a copy! Result: no paper copy, the environment is saying thank you, and it never gets eaten by a dog again!

3. You can use “Explain Everything” as a teacher, YESSSS! Everything you need in one place, the time you save using this app, you can use it for classroom management!

4. iBooks. Do I need to say more? “Mrs I forgot my book in my locker” said no student with an iPad ever.

5. Electronic textbooks are less expensive than printed ones. And going back to the last argument, they will always have it with them!

6. There is an infinite number of applications with educational purposes.

7. You can use the camera on the iPad to film students’ presentations and keep it for later evaluation.

I hope I have convinced you with these short but meaningful arguments! Even if you might have a hard time with classroom management at the beginning, it will pay back sooner or later!

However, just to make sure you survive, have a look at those useful tips 😉



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