As they describe it here, “ is a new web-based application that lets you create your own virtual bulletin board, posting and arranging inspiring images, notes and more to spur your imagination. It also enables small teams to collaborate on murals, bringing a new dimension to team creativity.”

To this “virtual bulletin board”, or as I’ll call it : a mural or poster, you can add pretty much everything, from photos to videos and links and sounds.

You can have a look at this tutorial on the website of What I remember from it is that this tool is really easy to use. I wouldn’t even explain to the students since it works pretty much like any other tools of this kind, which they all know how to work with it.

On top of this, there are many advantages to work with

First of all, you can do so much with but it always is so simple to use.

Plus, you can look for any web content that you want and add what you find of interest to your work. There is no need to do a research seperatly from your mural.

You can even work in cooperation with Google. If you have an account, you can share documents from your Google files to your mural.

More over, you can share a project with anyone, and anyone can cooperate on one project. It is a nice tool to brainstorm in teams.

At the end of the class, students could have added important info about what they just learned to a collective poster and later use this poster to study. It is a way to create a visual support, which will help them remember the subject.

As you share one of your mural with the students, they can comment simply with a right-click! It is easy once again and you can collect their impression on your work and their understanding of the subject so far. Looking back at your mural, you can modify it to make it more useful for the students.

Another great option of is that you can keep your work private or make it public. You might wanna wait until it’s completely over before you share it, or you might prefer to receive feedback during the time you are working on it, at every step of the process.

One more advantage is that there are tons of possiblities to create a  visual support for your subject. You can use a pen to circle or point arrows at what you think is important. You can also draw shapes of all kinds.

Moreover, if the students don’t like the way you arranged information on the mural, they modify it so it’s easier for them to work with it. This way, everyone is satisfied and more productive!

When creating their own mural, students can draw mind-maps more freely than with other tools for which it is their only purpose.

We are saying “Hi!” to another great tool for students to do presentations. “Bye-bye paper posters!”, thanks to the continuous evolution.

Here is the opinion of another fan of who uses it in the classroom, get inspired!

However, one of its disadvantages is that it cannot yet be used with iPads, but I’m pretty sure they are working on it!

Conclusion of this post: DO NOT hesitate to use !!! It works out pretty well 🙂


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